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Machines » 7. Weep hole drilling

7. Weep hole drilling

The Concore weep hole drilling machine drills weep holes in the bottom of cured hollow core slabs. This to prevent water being locked in the core. Locked in water in the core can damage the slab, in case of freezing, and can cause dangerous or inconvenient situations while installing the slabs on the construction site. The weep holes can be placed at any wishful location in the slab.

The Concore weep hole drilling machine is available in 3 different types:
• Single weep hole drilling station, 6-8 drills battery driven, 4/5/6/8 core
• Single weep hole drilling station long frame, 11 drills with automatic wagon 4-11 core.
• Double weep hole drilling station long frame, 11 drills with 1 stationary and one automatic wagon.



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