We are proud to present our new Augers, the Concore V33

The latest generation of Concore augers are made of highly abrasion resistant material, tests at different customers have shown that they have a 60-100% longer life compared to what else is available on the market. The new geometry developed by us not only ensures better compaction of the concrete, but will also increase the speed of the machine by 20-25% without changing the RPM of the augers. The improved geometry also contributes to less wear on other machine parts.
Concore augers are available for the complete range from 125-500 mm height slabs.
The good feedback we receive from our customers, both within and outside Europe, is partly responsible for the fact that more and more companies are switching to Concore augers.

 Concore augers can be mounted directly on almost any Extruder, else an adapter ring is available.
 Concore augers are available from stock from our warehouse in the Netherlands.


Bearing bush

'sustainable production through reuse'

Many suppliers choose to mount the bearing bushes in the auger by means of a “shrink fit”, this is time consuming, increases the risk of cracks in the worms and makes it difficult to disassemble and reuse the bearing bush. 
The Concore system, mounting bearing bush in worm, is designed for simple “Loctite” mounting without the need for heat or shrinkage.
Concore bearing bushes are designed for re-use.