Concore B.V. consists of three experienced partners, the owners of Motis Group Mr. Joan and Hans Tourné, the owner of Thiso b.v. Mr. Cees van Veldhuisen and Mr. Sven Wallgren, the previous owner and cofounder of X-tec Oy Ltd.

The Company Concore B.V. was established in 2010, it is today owned and further developed by technicians and engineers with extensive experience from machine development and production of X-tec machines and equipment between 1992 and 2006. Concore BV has also developed Slipformers, other type of extruders as well as other machines and equipment for the precast concrete industry.
All products are produced at Motis Group production facilities in Helmond, The Netherlands, known for their expertise in automation and production. Motis Group is established in 1922.
Concore has an extensive program of machines with high level automation, such as automated extruders, plotters, saw machines and hook machines.

Know how


Concore BV has developed the extruders resulting in better compaction, easier adjustment and automatic running. The development has resulted in several patents.
One of our engineers developed the first Plotter for the hollow core industry already in 1995, it is now the state of the art and sold in over 70 units world-wide.
Concore has developed the full automatic multi angle sawing machine, with saw-blade cover and safety grids that meets todays demand of health and safety.
The fasted and most accurate hook and pin placing machine is also one of our highly appreciated hollow core equipment with a running speed that exceeds any extruder or slip former in the market.

Concore BV has also developed special augers for the extruders that has proven longer life time and better compaction. Another development is special augers for extruders to make it possible to extrude solid slabs with an original extruder.

Concore is continuously rewarded with new orders for automation and increased productivity business.

Project-based Approach

Motis Group is a member of the Koninklijke Metaalunie and of the SPMA (Specialists Production Mechanization and Automation) sector group within the Metaalunie. The SPMA has developed a model for tackling machine building projects that makes it possible to manage the risks inherent in a complex project. We are committed to this SPMA model and thus to this project-based approach. The company wants to offer its clients maximum transparency.


All products are produced and Motis  Group production facilities in Helmond, The Netherlands. Motis Group is capable of providing the entire process of building machines and even complete factories in-house. The big advantage of this is that we are then able to monitor the quality from A to Z. Quality is our top priority, we will never compromise on this. This quality assurance is guaranteed by being in possession of a number of certifications. We are, for example, in possession of the NEN-EN-ISO 9001: 2000 certificate and the VCA ** certificate. These certifications prove that Motis Group, and therefore also Concore, pays structural and systematic attention to issues such as quality, safety, health and the environment.


Our comprehensive services include that we are not only able to fully implement our machines to the CE guidline. Also for the American market our machines can be fully implemented to the UL guidline.



A partner and a shareholder of Concore B.V. is responsible for the production of all Concore Machines. The company is well known for the large design department, good and solid production know how and quality. Machinefabriek van de Weert also have all needed expertise in electro/electronic building and programming of robots.

Thiso Industrial Automation B.V.

Is another partner and shareholder, known for the development of the first plotter for hollow core, but also special machines as battery driven drilling machines, polystyrene cutter for insulated hollow core and other special automation of the industry.


The International Prestressed Hollowcore Association is a truly diverse, global organisation. For 50 years, it has been instrumental in driving the industry forward. Since its inception, IPHA has been integral in the design, development, production, marketing and sales of prestressed hollowcore as a building product.