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Lifting Beam /Lifter stacking

Lifting Beam

The Concore Lifting beam is designed to handle slabs with a width of 1.200mm and all different thicknesses. The very rigid telescope construction of the main beam guarantees smooth function in operation. The lifting clamps position is to be adjusted very fast and without steps. Length of the different moving parts and positions of clamps are optimised to provide maximum lifting capacity. The lifting beam can be supplied with magnetic or hydraulically manoeuvred clamps. The lifting beam is designed to your specific wishes. The lifting beam is to be used by a single or double hook bridge or gantry crane, depending on requested size. The lifting beams will be delivered ready to use.

Lifter Stacking

The lifter stacking machine is designed to collect slabs or multiple beams of the bed, with the the lifter stacking machine it’s possible to make stacks on the bed to be removed as stack.
The Concore lifter stacking machine is battery driven, this is not only green sustainable it will also create a better working environment compared to diesel lifting machines. 



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