Machinefabriek Van de Weert in Helmond B.V, a partner and a shareholder of Concore B.V. is responsible for the production of all Concore Machines. The company is well known for the large design department, good and solid production know how and quality. Machinefabriek van de Weert also have all needed expertise in electro/electronic building and programming of robots.

Thiso Industrial Automation B.V. is another partner and shareholder, known for the development of the first plotter for hollow core, but also special machines as battery driven drilling machines, polystyrene cutter for insulated hollow core and other special automation of the industry.

SPANCRETE in the USA is a partner specialising in large production units of hollow core slabs for flooring as well as hollow core wall panels. Concore BV and SPANCRETE have a cooperation where the best of production machines and automation equipment is shared to provide the best possible plant/equipment suitable depending on location and demand.