WORLD WIDE AND LONG EXPERIENCE is the sound foundation of Concore BV

Concore B.V. is your one stop supplier in machines and equipment for hollow core production as well as complete implementation of hollow core plants. With our worldwide experience we are able provide you with the best possible advice.

Multi function machine
Preparing beds for casting is a labour intensive work, the Concore…
Since 1993 we have have been market leader in plotters, Concore has...
Lifting hook/pin machine
The use of lifting hooks in the slab increases the efficiency in...
Lifting Beam /Lifter stacking
The Concore Lifting beam is designed to handle slabs with a width...
The Concore extruder consists of power unit, hopper and nozzle modules…


Lifting hook/pin machine

Multi-angle saw

Slab cover wagon

Overhead crane


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